Online Banking FAQ

Please note: We are updating our online banking system. Below are instructions for how to access it as of October 1, 2010.

Bank of Millbrook Online Banking Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will I need to get started with Bank of Millbrook Online Banking?

A: You will need the following to access Online Banking:

  • A personal computer
  • An active account with an Internet Service Provider
  • Internet browser software with 128 bit security encryption
  • An active account with Bank of Millbrook
  • You will also need to complete an enrollment form for Bank of
  • Millbrook Online Banking in order to obtain your ID and PIN

Q: What is Bank of Millbrook Online Banking?

A: You will be able to use a personal computer and Internet connection to get up to the minute information about your accounts and view all account transactions including ATM and point of sale transactions. You can transfer funds between eligible accounts including making loan payments. Another feature of Online Banking is the ability to pay bills online with Bill Pay.

Q: What is the cost for Online Banking and Bill Pay?

A: Online Banking and Bill Pay are Free.

Q: How do I sign up for Online Banking?

A: To sign up, you will need to complete an Internet Banking Enrollment Form. You can print and complete our website application and mail it to the Bank or bring it in to either of our offices. One you have submitted the form, we will assign a User ID and temporary Password. The information will be sent to you by mail.

Q: How do I log in?

A: The first time you log in using the User ID and PIN assigned to you, you will be prompted to change your Online Banking PIN. You will only be prompted to change your PIN the first time you log in. This is required for security reasons. It is recommended that you never reveal your PIN number and that you change it on a regular basis.

Q: How do I know if my Internet browser has the right level of security
and encryption for Bank of Millbrook Online Banking?

A: You must use a modern browser to use Online Banking. That means Firefox 2.0 or newer, Internet Explorer 7.0 or newer, Safari 2.0 or newer, or the most recent Opera browser. We recommend against using the AOL browser.

Q: When I attempt to log in to Online Banking I receive the message
“Invalid ID or PIN”. What should I do?

A: If you are having trouble logging into the system or have forgotten your ID or PIN please contact your local branch during normal business hours.

Q: Why does it say that my account is locked? What do I do now?

A: Your account becomes locked after three unsuccessful log in attempts. To get “unlocked”, contact your local branch during normal business hours and they will be happy to unlock and reset your account. You will never be asked for your PIN.

Q: Can I transfer money from one account to another?

A: Yes, you can transfer money between eligible checking or savings accounts. You may also make payments on Bank of Millbrook loans from your checking or savings accounts with us. Transfers between corporate and personal accounts will not be allowed. Regulations place a strict burden on banks to limit potential liability with respect to funds being improperly moved from corporate accounts to personal accounts. A check being written from the corporation by an authorized signer to a specific payee provides a paper trail that can be used if, at any future date, there is any question as to why corporate funds were moved to a personal account.

Q: Can I schedule recurring or future dated transfers?

A: Yes, you can establish a recurring transfer with a specific expiration date.

Q: Can I tell when a transfer has posted to my account?

: If you approve a funds transfer, a “Confirmation Number” will be displayed. You may use this number if you need to refer to the transfer at a later time. Account transfers and payments processed before 4:30 PM EST Monday – Friday, excluding holidays, will be posted to your account on the day of the transaction. Transfers or payments after 4:30 PM will be posted to your account on the next business day.

Q: What is Bill Payment?

A: It is here that you will be allowed to pay your bills online. Simply follow the on-screen steps to add payees, enter the amount, date and account from which you are paying. If you wish, before signing up, you can view our DEMO.

Q: How does Bill Pay work?

A: Your payments are electronically transferred form your Bank of Millbrook checking account to your payee’s account through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. If the party you are making a payment to is not setup for electronic transfer, a check is sent by our process or via US Mail.

Q: Are there any payments I cannot make using Bill Pay?

A: The only payments we are unable to make are federal and state tax payments and court ordered payments or payments to settle securities purchases.

Q: How will I know what payments have been made?

A: Through Online Banking, you will be able to view the transaction on your screen. The payment will also appear on your monthly bank statement. We will only make the payments you authorize; you are in control of your account at all times.

Q: Should I enter my online bill payments into my check register?

A: Yes. Enter your online bill payments into your check register just as you would an ATM withdrawal or a regular check payment. That way, you will be able to properly reconcile your checkbook with your statement each month.

Q: What if I don’t have enough money in my account when the bill
payment clears my account?

A: When items are presented for payment and there are not sufficient funds, we will follow our normal guidelines for non sufficient funds and charge a fee.