Trust: Introduction

The Basics You Should Know About Trusts
A trust can provide considerable benefits for you and your family – and trusts aren’t just for the wealthy. But they are sophisticated financial tools, so you should practice great care in establishing yours.

Know You Can Talk To Your Trustee In Person
The Bank of Millbrook has the only locally run Trust and Investment Services Department in Dutchess County. Any and all decisions about your trust are made right here, and you can always meet with your trustee, face-to-face.

Know Your Trust Will Be Well Run
Your trust should preserve and grow your estate. It makes sense to have an investment professional managing it. But trusts also require complicated administration and unbiased decision making, tasks that can become a burden to friends or relatives.

Know Your Trust’s Future Is In Good Hands
A trust can last for  generations, and a major benefit of an institutional trustee is continuity. With Bank of Millbrook Trust and Investment Services, you can be sure there will be a professional to maintain your trust for this generation and the next.

The Basics You Should Know About Estates
The person you name to serve as your Executor will be personally responsible, and liable, to settle all your financial affairs.  A corporate fiduciary can serve as a Sole Executor or a Co-Executor.  Will your beneficiaries benefit from the Bank of Millbrook being named in your Last Will & Testament to serve as an Executor of your Estate?