New EMV Chip Debit Cards!
In early November Debit Card holders will be receiving a new Bank of Millbrook VISA Debit card with an EMV chip. These EMV chip cards provide extra security against fraud.

You can activate your card at any Bank of Millbrook ATM by completing a transaction, including a balance inquiry, using the PIN from the mailer

Please note that your existing non-chip card will stop working on 12/13/19. So, it is important to activate your new card before 12/13/19.

Please call your branch with any questions.

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Isabella Susan Morin

Chief Executive Granddaughter

Some lessons last a lifetime

Isabella lives in the moment. To her, planning for her future means waiting to see if that face peeks out of those hands again. But that won’t always be the case. Some day soon, with a little help, Isabella will be learning to stand on her own two feet.

It’s a lesson we learn over and again in life. And the Bank of Millbrook will be there to help, every step of the way.


FBI Fraud Alert: How to tell if you're about to be a victim of fraud.

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