New EMV Chip Debit Cards!

  You can activate your new EMV Chip Card at any Bank of Millbrook ATM by completing a transaction, including a balance inquiry, using the PIN from the mailer.

Please note that your existing non-chip card will stop working on 12/13/19.  So, it is important to activate your new card before 12/13/19.

Please call your branch with any questions.

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Ruthie Bontecou

Punch, Millbrook

What kind of bank sees style as substance?

Ruthie knows that style can make a moment a perfect picture. Her style is to bring the outdoors in and introduce that playful detail that makes the simplest setting a celebration. Our style is to give customers like Ruthie the help they need to see their ideas through to reality.

Punch, Ruthie’s shop that is the marriage of her love of the outdoors and the art of living well, has been one of those succesful realities for several years now. And we know when we’re looking to enhance the style in our lives, we’ll be making our way to her new Millbrook location at 15 Merritt Avenue.


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