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Deposit Accounts

Managing your money has never been more convenient. We provide you with a choice of accounts and 24 hour access to make it even easier. Plus, you can feel secure in the knowledge that your money is guaranteed by the FDIC*.

Bank of Millbrook Deposit Accounts for Businesses

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Business Checking

Unlimited checks and no fees if you maintain a balance of $1,500 per month.
Plus, you get 24-hour access to your money through our international ATM network and online banking. Overdraft protection is available (subject to credit approval) for all Bank of Millbrook checking accounts. If you are interested, stop by or call the loan department for an application.


Regular Savings

No minimum balance is required to open an account. Interest is accrued daily on balances over $150.00.

Money Market Account

A great solution for short-term savings of larger amounts, designed for stability, income and easy access to your money.◊


Deposit accounts for nominal or short term funds held by attorneys on behalf of their clients. Can be either a checking or savings account.


FBI Fraud Alert: How to tell if you're about to be a victim of fraud.

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