Fulltime Teller Positions available in Millbrook and Pine Plains.  Click here for an application.

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George T. Whalen III



Meredith Marsh Tiedemann

Senior Vice President & Trust Officer

845-677-4266, ext. 150

George T. Whalen IV

Vice President Lending

845-677-5321 ext.103

Eliot C.L. Clarke

Vice President & Trust Officer

845-677-4266 ext. 155

Clarissa Goins

Vice President Risk Management Officer

845-677-5321 ext. 128

Karen Osterhoudt

Vice President Operations

845-677-5321 ext. 126

Gilbert Dilg

Vice President Controller

845-677-5321 ext. 104

James Orsino

Vice President, Retail Banking

845-677-5321 ext. 102

David M. Fountain

Vice President Lending

845-677-5321 ext. 106

Kellen Lehmkuhl

Assistant Vice President Millbrook Branch Manager

845-677-5321 ext. 114

Christina Tellerday

Assistant Vice President Administration

845-677-5321 ext. 153

Mark Vila

Assistant Vice President Amenia Branch Manager

845-373-7731 ext. 201

Ibis Guzman

Assistant Vice President Stanfordville Branch Manager

845-868-7700 ext. 401

Elizabeth Coon

Assistant Vice President Pine Plains Branch Manager

518-398-5500 ext. 302


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