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September 23 & 24 2023

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Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS)

CDARS allows us the ability to offer you FDIC insurance in excess of $250,000.

Here’s how:

The standard FDIC insurance maximum is $250,000 for each deposit insurance ownership category, per bank. You can receive the same coverage through a single relationship using CDARS. When you place your large-dollar deposit with Bank of Millbrook, a member of the CDARS Network, your deposit is divided into smaller amounts and placed with other CDARS Network members – each an FDIC-insured institution. Then, those member institutions issue CDs in amounts under $250,000, so that your deposit is eligible for FDIC insurance at each member bank. By working directly with one Network member, you can receive insurance through many. And, it’s easy … One Relationship, One Rate, One Statement

One Relationship – You work directly with your Branch Manager at Bank of Millbrook

One Rate – We offer you one interest rate per maturity on CD investments placed through CDARS. There is no need to negotiate multiple rates per maturity or tally disbursements manually for each CD.

One Statement – There is no need to manually consolidate statements. You receive one easy-to-read statement detailing all of your CD holdings.

To find out more about CDARS, call Stacey Langenthal, EVP at (845) 677-5321 and visit the CDARS website at


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