Local banks and credit unions are experiencing an increase in fraudulent activity. Some of their customers are receiving phony text messages and telephone calls claiming to be from their bank. Caller identification even appears as though it is from their institution’s phone number. Please note that the Bank of Millbrook will never ask for your personal or account information via a text message, telephone call, or email. Please contact us immediately at (845) 677-5321 if you are ever in doubt about a text message, telephone phone call, or email claiming to be from the Bank of Millbrook.

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Gain Years of Investment Experience in a Single Sitting

Every investment account at the Bank of Millbrook opens the same way, one-on-one with your investment advisor. Over 120 years, we’ve learned the best way to give clients what they want is to know your clients.

Customer Service

The benefit of being Dutchess County’s only locally based Trust and Investment Services department is that the people who make the decisions about your investments are here. When you meet with your investment advisor, we’re listening to what you have to say so we can understand your investment attitudes and objectives, and use those to build a portfolio that makes sense for you.


We have a team that is proud to be called careful, conservative, competent, and they bring a wealth of investment experience to the Bank of Millbrook.

Sound Judgment

We take a proven and conservative approach to growing, and preserving, your wealth. In addition to investing in companies with sound fundamentals, we diversify your portfolio across a mix of assets – equities, bonds and money market investments to ensure we dilute risk and build strong foundations for the long term.

Investments through the Bank of Millbrook Trust and Investment Services are not FDIC insured, and may lose value, and are not guaranteed by the Bank of Millbrook Trust and Investment Services


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